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The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, Inc. (IACLEA) & The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc., (CALEA®)

Welcome to our webpages where you can locate our Crime Log and annual Campus Safety Report (CLERY), and a wide variety of information as it pertains to our Department.

The University of Richmond Police Department strives to provide a vibrant and healthy environment by building relationships to foster success in the classroom and community for students, faculty, staff and visitors. We are a campus police department authorized under Virginia Code 23-232.1. The Police Department is nationally accredited through CALEA and remains in good standing since 1990.

The University of Richmond Police Department maintains a statutory obligation under Virginia Code 23-232.2 to disclose certain criminal incident information. Any citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia, currently registered students of the University, or parent of a registered student may inspect and copy criminal incident information.

Criminal incident information includes (i) the date, time, and general location of the alleged crime; (ii) a general description of injuries suffered or property damaged or stolen; and (iii) the name and address of any individual arrested as result of felonies committed against persons or property or misdemeanors involving assault, battery, or moral turpitude reported to the campus police, except where disclosure is prohibited by law.

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David McCoy

Associate Vice President of Public Safety and Chief of Police


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