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UREMS organizes training classes for prospective EMTs, and its members host alcohol safety and awareness events, participate in continuing education training, and are involved in risk management services for the Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness.

Already an EMT?

EMTs certified in Pennsylvania or the District of Colombia can receive full reciprocity from Virginia. EMTs certified in any other state can gain reciprocity for one year or the amount of time left in the present certification, whichever is sooner.  At the end of one year or the expiration of the current certification, EMTs must take the Commonwealth of Virginia EMT test to gain full Virginia certification.  Please review Virginia's Basic Life Support Reciprocity, Legal Recognition, Equivalency for more information on out-of-state reciprocity. 

On-Campus Certification Class

The details below concern the EMT certification class on campus. To become a member of UREMS, refer to the membership page.


The 2022-2023 EMT class will begin Monday, September 12, 2022 and run through April 19, 2023.  To apply for the class please email in August 2022 to receive an application.  You can also complete the application on-line here.  EMT classes will be Monday and Wednesday 6-10pm, some classes may be Zoom, some sessions may be held on Saturdays to prepare students for the EMT test. Students will also spend 10 hours riding on an ambulance before testing.

Course Application

Tha application for the current (2022-2023) EMT course can be found here. Contact John Jacobs if you have any quesitons.


The class will begin in September 2022 with a CPR certification course. Additionally, students may be required to attend training sessions on select Saturdays to prepare for the EMT test and receive addition certifications including EVOC.

The cost of the class will be $950 for UR students who join UREMS.  In addition to the cost of the class you will need to purchase the book through the instructor. The book for the course will be Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured 11th edition (E-Book is $325, hard copy of book is $410). In terms of certification, CPR, and EVOC certifications are free (included in course), the psychomotor examination will cost $50, and the written test is free the first time you take it.

Testing Resources

Here are additional resources for more information on Virginia State testing:

Important Contacts

Campus Emergencies: 911 from a campus phone, or (804) 289-8911 from a cell phone.

Campus Non-Emergency: 804-289-8715

Student Health Center: (804) 289-8064

For emergency information, go to