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Student Travel Form

The purpose of this form is to report student travel to off-campus locations owned or controlled by the university and used in direct support of educational purposes.  Hotels or classrooms the University is using through a rental, lease, or other agreements to support the University's educational purposes should be reported.  Do not report agreements held by an entity not related to the University (3rd party service providers).  Some examples of travel to report include:

  • Hotels rented for athletic trips
  • Housing used for trips abroad
  • Hotels/housing for student organization trips
  • Off-campus classrooms
  • Any domestic travel by students for institutional and/or academic purposes

For questions related to this form, contact Major Eric Beatty (

Group using the facility:

Person Submitting Form:

Date(s) of use:

Number of nights facility was used: 

Number of days facility was used: 

Location was a:

Hotel Classroom Other

Name, if any, of facility:

Address of facility:

Room number(s):

Number of Students using the facility:

Number of Faculty/Staff/Volunteers using the facility:

Reason for facility use:

Conference Training Classroom   Athletic Contest Social Event

Additional Comments: