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The participation of the University community is critical to the work of the Police Department. Students have a number of opportunities to get involved with the department, including non-sworn officer positions, crime prevention efforts, and emergency medical services.

Public Safety Auxiliaries

Public Safety Auxiliaries are a non-sworn position with the UR Department of Public Safety. The primary function of a PSA is to provide additional support to Department of Public Safety Personnel such as: escorts, special events, reporting of problems, unlock requests and assisting URPD as needed while promoting the advancement of cooperative relationships within the University environment. PSAs act as the “eyes and ears” of the University of Richmond Police Department.

Campus Watch

Campus Watch is similar in concept to neighborhood watch, where the UR community plays an active role in keeping the campus safe and secure by working directly with University Police. The program empowers the University community to promote crime pre­vention efforts and improve communication with the Police Department, while also building relationships be­tween University Police and the community they serve.

Campus Watch offers educational training in the areas of personal and property safety, sus­picious behavior and basic crime prevention techniques such as locking dorm room doors, vehicle doors, and attending to personal and property safety.

Become a Campus Watch Member

Students who would like to participate in Campus Watch should complete the registration form.

UR Emergency Medical Services (UREMS)

University of Richmond Emergency Medical Services (UREMS) is a student-run organization of dedicated first responders who offer assistance in the event of a medical emergency on campus. Members respond to 911 calls in teams of two alongside the University of Richmond Police 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the academic year.

University of Richmond Police

Special Programs Building
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Emergency: (804) 289-8911
Non-Emergency: (804) 289-8715
Fax: (804) 289-8720

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