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URPD Community Advisory Board

The University of Richmond Police Department Community Advisory Board (CAB) provides a conduit for the Chief of Police and Command Staff to listen to the community and distribute information.  The CAB acts as a sounding board for the Chief of Police, and a think-tank for new ideas or approaches to community concerns. Team members are expected to honestly and openly share community safety needs and feedback about the department’s delivery of services.


The purpose of the CAB is to examine issues and ideas, and develop alternative solutions and new initiatives through comprehensive interaction. The CAB is charged with representing the interests of the UR Community, and providing clarity to the UR Community related to URPD’s policies, procedures and decision making. The knowledge of CAB members provides two-way communication between the UR Community and URPD to aid with transparency of operations, credibility of services, and awareness to blind-spots—activities and perspectives on campus that are beneath the surface and invisible.


The CAB brings its vast expertise from the UR Community to URPD in order to help the Chief of Police and Command Staff make better-informed decisions considering community perspectives.  CAB is an advisory board to provide recommendations, insight, and feedback.


The CAB may be asked to conduct research, generate new ideas or solutions, or provide informed recommendations on URPD’s operations, policies, or practices. The CAB is relied upon to be a communication relay between residents and URPD.  Members are tasked with providing community members a representative voice directly to the Chief of Police and Command Staff.  All members should strive to help identify and prioritize community needs and concerns, and provide recommendations for improvement.

In order to help fulfil their role, URPD keeps CAB members informed of significant safety matters on campus.


The CAB’s goals are important to ensure the membership remains aligned with its purpose. The goals of the group are:

  • Be driven to ensure URPD supports the University’s initiative to Making Excellence Inclusive.
  • Maintain a consistent partnership between the community and URPD;
  • Serve to help reduce crime and enhance the quality of life for all community members;
  • Participate in positive and open communications; and
  • Assist law enforcement in helping to maintain police standard for accountability.

Selection and Terms

The CAB will include membership from a diverse spectrum of campus including students and staff.  It is important for the 10 members of the CAB include a representative sample of the campus population.  Ensuring a high level of diversity in CAB membership brings more perspectives to the table and provides better advice to the Chief of Police. The CAB membership will be inclusive of individuals from as many demographic categories as possible to include: race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, status as a veteran, or any classification protected by local, state or federal law.

The opportunity to apply for, and be selected to serve the CAB is announced annually in the fall through SpiderBytes and communication directly with stakeholders connected to diversity and inclusion.  The Chief of Police selects the 10-member CAB with a focus on diversity of membership. 

Due to the student population’s annual turn-over and terms studying abroad, the term of a CAB member is 1 year.  Individuals can serve up to 3 consecutive terms, but must reapply each fall. 


At times, the CAB participates in discussions or reviews of confidential policies and procedures.  The CAB is expected to ensure the confidentiality of any item deemed to be confidential.  It is the responsibility of the Chief of Police and Command Staff to note the confidentiality of any document(s) or discussion(s). 

Individual opinions and ideas of CAB membership and URPD shall remain confidential.  Discussions during meetings shall not be connected to a specific CAB member or individual.

CAB members are encouraged to discuss non-confidential topics with their friends, colleagues, and others across campus.


Meetings will be set regularly at least once each quarter.  In collaboration with the CAB, the Chief of Police will develop an agenda for each meeting.  CAB members are encouraged to provide recommendations for agenda items related to issues and topics they would like to discuss.

Members MUST respect the right of others to speak, respect differences in point of view, and follow proper procedures. Each member is responsible for ensuring that the CAB is successful in meeting its duties and responsibilities in an ethical, inclusive, open, and accountable manner.